Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

The X-Files’ Cigarette Smoking Man. Photo IMDB / 20th Century Fox


I met The Cigarette Smoking Man back in the nineties in Cape Girardeau, Missouri while in college. He was brought in special by the Student Council to talk to a select group of student leaders. He spoke in the same room, incidentally, where I met Officer Nick McDonald the year before – McDonald being the Dallas policeman who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination of JFK. Of course, CSM knows more about what really went down in Dallas…he knows more than anyone.
No, it was not the actor William B. Davis who shared his musings with us this day, it was THE Smoking Man himself! He appeared in character – and stayed in character – the entire time of his visit. Thus, NO photos and NO autographs. And no evidence of his even being there – in true Smoking Man style.
He sat in a chair – under one light – and told tale of his misunderstood heroics in the mythic conspiracy to save humanity. Claiming us fools for not knowing The Truth. When questioned by us – the X-Files fans in the audience – he looked down at us with disdain, like one would look at dumb, doomed cattle. When we asked if he was Mulder’s father…he slyly and cryptically alluded to him having part in his creation “in one way or another.”
He smoked quite a few Morleys while he wove his web of truth and lies. It was an amazing experience to see that web woven in front of me. I can still smell the smoke.




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