2016 Huntington Strange Travels



2016 Strange Travels


Here are some Strange Travel destinations for the Huntingtons for 2016! We may add a few more interesting spots, but here’s what we’ve got so far! Fun and weird travel adventures ahead!
Ozark Mountain UFO Conference – Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Face time with famous UFO illuminaries: Erich Von Daniken, Linda Moulton Howe, Jim Marrs, Nick Pope, Richard Dolan, and others.




The famous haunted Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, Arkansas. A tour of the most haunted hotel in America.




Wright-Patterson AFB/Air Force Museum – Dayton, Ohio – home of the Project Bluebook UFO Investigation, the legendary Hangar 18, the Avrocar and numerous X-planes.avroscem
The famous 1976 Stanford Abduction – travel route, abduction site, and hotel investigation location. Stanford, Kentucky and Liberty, Kentucky.




Two trips to Kelly-Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Hopkinsville museum artifacts and famous encounter site. Kelly Little Green Men Days festival in August.




The famous 1973 Enfield Horror creature sightings locations. Enfield, Illinois.




The 15th Mothman Festival and 50th anniversary in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. UFOs and creature sightings locations. Mothman Museum and statue. September, 2016.




The famous haunted Lowe Hotel in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
The Big Muddy Monster Brewfest in Murphysboro, Illinois. Sightings locations and the only Bigfoot-themed Beer Festival in America. October, 2016.
A trip to Cairo, Illinois to investigate the 1950 Cairo Jaycees’ Flying Saucer Stunt.
A follow-up excursion to Grand Tower, Illinois to explore the 1973 UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and haunted locations.
The famous haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri.
The real Exorcist House in St. Louis, Missouri.
The Space Museum in Bonne Terre, Missouri.
The famous white squirrels of Olney, Illinois.
The former Del Taco flying saucer building in St. Louis, Missouri.
Two adjoined Futuro flying saucer homes located in Carlisle, Ohio.
The Futuro home located in Covington, Kentucky.


Alternate and possible side-destinations and day-trips may include:

– The haunted McPike Mansion and the Piasa Bird of Alton, Illinois.

– Elsberry, Missouri – 1978 UFO Flap and cattle mutilations locations.

– Louisiana, Missouri – ’71-’72 “Momo” Bigfoot sighting locations.

– A return visit to Millstadt, Illinois area – famous 2000 triangle UFO sightings locations.

– Jackson, Missouri – 1973 Rutledge-investigated UFO burn case and lawsuit.

– Piedmont, Missouri – 1973 UFO flap “jet crash” location.

– “The Space Penguins of Tuscumbia” – 1967 UFO landing location near Tuscumbia, Missouri.

– The secret and infamous “Marley Woods” Missouri UFO hotspot location.

– The famous 1966 Roaring River UFO photos campsite in Missouri.

– Newport, Arkansas – sightings locations of the White River Monster, a legendary “manatee-like” creature.

– Muddy, Illinois – spooky abandoned train tipple.

– The Danville, Illinois Futuro.



Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man

The X-Files’ Cigarette Smoking Man. Photo IMDB / 20th Century Fox


I met The Cigarette Smoking Man back in the nineties in Cape Girardeau, Missouri while in college. He was brought in special by the Student Council to talk to a select group of student leaders. He spoke in the same room, incidentally, where I met Officer Nick McDonald the year before – McDonald being the Dallas policeman who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination of JFK. Of course, CSM knows more about what really went down in Dallas…he knows more than anyone.
No, it was not the actor William B. Davis who shared his musings with us this day, it was THE Smoking Man himself! He appeared in character – and stayed in character – the entire time of his visit. Thus, NO photos and NO autographs. And no evidence of his even being there – in true Smoking Man style.
He sat in a chair – under one light – and told tale of his misunderstood heroics in the mythic conspiracy to save humanity. Claiming us fools for not knowing The Truth. When questioned by us – the X-Files fans in the audience – he looked down at us with disdain, like one would look at dumb, doomed cattle. When we asked if he was Mulder’s father…he slyly and cryptically alluded to him having part in his creation “in one way or another.”
He smoked quite a few Morleys while he wove his web of truth and lies. It was an amazing experience to see that web woven in front of me. I can still smell the smoke.



Our UFO Park in Cape Girardeau

Enjoying adventures aboard the “Old UFO” – Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Photo by Michael Huntington – Spring 2015.


Although there is only one saucer-themed playground equipment attraction here (and in the whole town, for that matter), the Boys still beg to go to what THEY refer to as the “UFO Park” – also known as Cape County North Park, west highway side (the side with the graveyard and the peacocks).
The “Old UFO” is worn and rusty – and flakes off more and more colorful paint chips each season. But, the boys love their flying saucer – mostly because they always seem to┬áhave it to themselves, as few frequent this park section that sports just one rusty piece of equipment. That’s fine by us, though. We enjoy our alone-time with our very-own Martian Spaceship. Maybe the Parks Department will let us adopt it and paint it? Gotta check into that.


ufoparksamFun is always had by all at the UFO Park. Photo by Michael Huntington – Spring 2015.

Strange Travels


I am Michael Huntington and I travel to strange places across America with my wife, Diane, and my two young boys, Robbie and Sammie. We visit famous UFO sighting locations, hunt for mythical monsters, search spooky places of the Unknown, explore air and space museums, set-jet movie filming locations, and check out unique roadside attractions. Mostly, we try to have fun traveling as a family. We live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri – a Midwest town located on the Mississippi River.