Close Encounters: The Railroad Crossing at Padgett Switch near Irvington, Alabama

Spielberg Stood Here: The Padgett Switch railroad near Irvington, Alabama – just outside of Mobile. This is the on-location filming site of Roy Neary’s UFO truck encounter scene from the classic sci-fi film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977). Photo by Michael Huntington – Spring, 2015.

ce3kfilmpadgettwebgoodAn iconic shot from one of the greatest science fiction films of all time – Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977). Photo Columbia Pictures.



UFOs Then and Later: Pascagoula Abduction Site

Pascagoula, Mississippi – 1973

On the early morning of October 11, 1973 two shipyard workers – Charles Hickson, 42, and Calvin Parker, 19, – were fishing on the banks of the Pascagoula River when a large, hovering, metallic craft appeared behind them. Three silvery robotic creatures then floated out of the UFO and grabbed the petrified men – pulling them into the illuminated craft. On board, the dazed men underwent a medical examination before being released back onto the bank by the occupants. The craft then flew away into the night sky.

The panicked men debated telling their story, but then decided to contact the police and the military.  The resulting investigations, by law enforcement and UFO investigators, gained the attention of the national and international press which resulted in a media frenzy. Cronkite reported this story to the nation on the CBS Evening News.

The credible and sincere testimony of the witnesses – along with a secret recording of a private conversation between the two – have led many to support Hickson and Parker’s claims. This famous alien abduction case is considered to be one of the best Close Encounters of the Third Kind in UFO history.

Color photos by Michael Huntington – Spring, 2015 – Pascagoula, Mississippi.







Robbie and the Rock from Mars

IMG_4105Robbie Huntington, future space explorer, touching a chunk of a Martian meteorite at a recent visit to the St. Louis Science Center. Robbie has touched two pieces of Apollo Moon rocks at visits to other space and aviation museums, including NASA’s US Space & Rocket Center/Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Photo by Michael Huntington – Winter, 2016.

IMG_4106Robbie operating the controls of a Martian Rover simulator during our Science Center visit. He picked up the controls with no explanation and executed flawless movements of the rover and it’s cameras. Robbie (5), and his brother Sammie (3), are both avid videogamers that learn gameplay quickly. Photo by Michael Huntington – Winter, 2016.

IMG_4117Robbie standing with a NASA Martian Rover at the Science Center. Maybe one day he will stand next to one that has actually roved Mars? On Mars? Photo by Michael Huntington – Winter, 2016.

2016 Huntington Strange Travels



2016 Strange Travels


Here are some Strange Travel destinations for the Huntingtons for 2016! We may add a few more interesting spots, but here’s what we’ve got so far! Fun and weird travel adventures ahead!
Ozark Mountain UFO Conference – Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Face time with famous UFO illuminaries: Erich Von Daniken, Linda Moulton Howe, Jim Marrs, Nick Pope, Richard Dolan, and others.




The famous haunted Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, Arkansas. A tour of the most haunted hotel in America.




Wright-Patterson AFB/Air Force Museum – Dayton, Ohio – home of the Project Bluebook UFO Investigation, the legendary Hangar 18, the Avrocar and numerous X-planes.avroscem
The famous 1976 Stanford Abduction – travel route, abduction site, and hotel investigation location. Stanford, Kentucky and Liberty, Kentucky.




Two trips to Kelly-Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Hopkinsville museum artifacts and famous encounter site. Kelly Little Green Men Days festival in August.




The famous 1973 Enfield Horror creature sightings locations. Enfield, Illinois.




The 15th Mothman Festival and 50th anniversary in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. UFOs and creature sightings locations. Mothman Museum and statue. September, 2016.




The famous haunted Lowe Hotel in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
The Big Muddy Monster Brewfest in Murphysboro, Illinois. Sightings locations and the only Bigfoot-themed Beer Festival in America. October, 2016.
A trip to Cairo, Illinois to investigate the 1950 Cairo Jaycees’ Flying Saucer Stunt.
A follow-up excursion to Grand Tower, Illinois to explore the 1973 UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and haunted locations.
The famous haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri.
The real Exorcist House in St. Louis, Missouri.
The Space Museum in Bonne Terre, Missouri.
The famous white squirrels of Olney, Illinois.
The former Del Taco flying saucer building in St. Louis, Missouri.
Two adjoined Futuro flying saucer homes located in Carlisle, Ohio.
The Futuro home located in Covington, Kentucky.


Alternate and possible side-destinations and day-trips may include:

– The haunted McPike Mansion and the Piasa Bird of Alton, Illinois.

– Elsberry, Missouri – 1978 UFO Flap and cattle mutilations locations.

– Louisiana, Missouri – ’71-’72 “Momo” Bigfoot sighting locations.

– A return visit to Millstadt, Illinois area – famous 2000 triangle UFO sightings locations.

– Jackson, Missouri – 1973 Rutledge-investigated UFO burn case and lawsuit.

– Piedmont, Missouri – 1973 UFO flap “jet crash” location.

– “The Space Penguins of Tuscumbia” – 1967 UFO landing location near Tuscumbia, Missouri.

– The secret and infamous “Marley Woods” Missouri UFO hotspot location.

– The famous 1966 Roaring River UFO photos campsite in Missouri.

– Newport, Arkansas – sightings locations of the White River Monster, a legendary “manatee-like” creature.

– Muddy, Illinois – spooky abandoned train tipple.

– The Danville, Illinois Futuro.


Close Encounters: The Guiler House in Fairhope, Alabama

Set Jetting: Robbie Huntington standing on the porch steps of the Guiler House from Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” filming location near Fairhope, Alabama. (Photo by Michael Huntington – Spring, 2015)


guilerdoor2finYoung Barry Guiler opens the door to the aliens in this iconic scene from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977). That same front door and doorknob is still in use today.  (Image Columbia Pictures)


guilerbackgoodStanding where Spielberg stood: the back yard of the the Guiler House near Fairhope, Alabama. In CE3K, the mother ran out this back door and towards the field – chasing the UFOs that just abducted her boy. I had to chase Robbie around this house for ten minutes, he did not want to leave! (Photo by Michael Huntington – Spring, 2015)


guilerbackgood1Same porch, same steps, same bush (looking just a bit different) – from here, Barry and his Mom watched the alien ships descend from the sky in CE3K. (Photo by Michael Huntington – Spring, 2015)


The Green Futuro of Livingston, Illinois


Green Futuro – Livingston, Illinois. Photo by Michael Huntington – 2014.


Okay, maybe not THAT green. But I think this looks cool! The Green Futuro – “Flying Saucer House” – on the grounds of the Pink Elephant Antique Mall, just off Route 66 near Livingston, Illinois.
Inside of the Mall, which is an old dance hall possibly haunted by Al Capone’s ghost, tons of cool collectibles can be found (one could spend all day here exploring). Outside – on the grounds – there are a number of classic roadside attractions: a giant Pink Elephant, Michelin giants, giant chairs and bicycles, an old Twistee Treat stand, various cannons, and a few flying saucers – one being the Green Futuro.
The Futuro in a modern/futurist flying saucer-shaped ski chalet designed by the late Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. Only about a hundred were manufactured during the 60s and 70s. Less than 20 of these plastic pre-fabs survive in the US – in various states of disrepair – some with residents living in them (the Livingston Futuro is an unoccupied shell). They could be shipped in pieces and assembled, or pre-assembled and delivered by truck or helicopter. Artists and architects are rediscovering these historical gems and have, in recent years, began refurbishing old and building new Futuros for museums and art centers. Collectors value complete shells at around fifty grand.
Livingston’s Green Futuro was our first to explore. The following year, we were able to check out the White Futuro in Gulf Breeze, Florida on Pensacola Beach. We plan on seeing three more during travels this summer, with more to check off the list in the years ahead!
 Photos by Michael Huntington – 2014.


Find out more about the Futuro House at



Our UFO Park in Cape Girardeau

Enjoying adventures aboard the “Old UFO” – Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Photo by Michael Huntington – Spring 2015.


Although there is only one saucer-themed playground equipment attraction here (and in the whole town, for that matter), the Boys still beg to go to what THEY refer to as the “UFO Park” – also known as Cape County North Park, west highway side (the side with the graveyard and the peacocks).
The “Old UFO” is worn and rusty – and flakes off more and more colorful paint chips each season. But, the boys love their flying saucer – mostly because they always seem to have it to themselves, as few frequent this park section that sports just one rusty piece of equipment. That’s fine by us, though. We enjoy our alone-time with our very-own Martian Spaceship. Maybe the Parks Department will let us adopt it and paint it? Gotta check into that.


ufoparksamFun is always had by all at the UFO Park. Photo by Michael Huntington – Spring 2015.